To the organisers of the 2013 Sydney Historical Materialism Conference

Some of us were invited to speak, others have already prepared abstracts and papers for panels, and we had all been planning to attend the conference. We have since learned that Solidarity, an affiliate of the Socialist Workers Party, has given its full and unequivocal support to the latter in its handling of an allegation of rape against a senior member. You have informed us that you agree that the position taken by Solidarity is indefensible, but that you have also decided to invite Solidarity members to present at the conference. As a consequence, and in the absence of any evidence of a change of position by Solidarity, we will not be taking part.

Bree Blakeman
Ann Deslandes
Andy Fleming
Mark Gawne
Margaret Mayhew
Angela Mitropoulos
Lara Palombo
James Pollard
Rachel Rowe
Liz Thompson
Steve Wright

If you were going to attend the conference and would like to add your signature, or register your support of those who have decided not to attend, please do so in the comments box below, for now.

NB update, May 9th: Apologies if there’s a delay in adding names or they’ve not been added as yet – have been ‘erring’ on the side of assuming that if people haven’t said so explicitly, their names have not been added.